Mobile SEO Best Practices for Your Local Business.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile search is exploding, but it plays by slightly different rules than traditional search. Are you following these Mobile SEO Best Practices?

Use Responsive Design

Responsive design is now the gold-standard in mobile-ready websites for its exception usability on the consumer end, and for the SEO benefits on the business end. Google now promotes Responsive Web Design as an industry best practice.

Mobile Analytics

Did you know that Google Analytics has a Mobile Analytics section? With those tools at your fingertips, you have technology to make your user’s online experience as effective and pleasant as on your desktop site, as long as you…

Be Aware Of Mobile User Habits

If you have a smartphone, you’re aware that surfing the web with it is not necessarily a pleasant task. Your users know it too, so help them out by optimizing for shorter search strings, organizing your copy so that readers do not need to click more than twice, and by enabling social media sharing. Most smartphone use is for entertainment purposes, so streamlining the sharing process may pay dividends.

Take Advantage of Local Search

Users who are looking for your business (or a business like yours) are perhaps the most likely of all searchers to actually show up to your store and buy something — perhaps that very day! So make sure you take advantage of that opportunity, with accurate and timely information on hours, promotions, and positive reviews.

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