Mobile Strategies for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

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Mobile Strategies for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

With both mobile and local search becoming ever more lucrative sources of leads for local and small businesses, there is now a growing opportunity to target PPC advertising directly at mobile users without having to rely on organic search.

PPC Mobile campaigns have special characterstics and features that you should know about.

Have a Compelling Offer

If people are searching for your business when they’re out and about, chances are they might want to head there right now. You can made that decision a no-brainer with a compelling offer or coupon. If you can’t run campaigns like this full time, try for seasonal or holiday promotions to get the most bang for your buck.

Link to Google Maps

It’s important to have your Google Places listing up to date with store hours, location, payment types and category listings. Even if your PPC link doesn’t lead there, that will likely be a user’s next stop anyway. Your Google Places outpost should be every bit as well maintained as your own website, since it can be the source of a large percentage of leads.

Make Use of Phone Extensions

You have the ability to make your phone number a live link in search results. That means that with one touch, users can call to book an appointment or make reservations, a perfect strategy for restaurants and salons.

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