Online Marketing Strategies That Work

Regardless of what business vertical your company is in, you cannot deny the power of having an effective website marketing strategy.  Online marketing can attract more qualified people to your website, increase your brand’s online awareness and inevitably increase your revenue. 

There are many online marketing strategies to get your website on the first page of the search engine results. Knowing which strategy is right for you can be more difficult. We have outlined some basic tips that can start you on your way to increase your revenue through online marketing.

Basic Online Marketing Strategies

  1. Treat your Website as the “Holy Grail” when it comes to online marketing.
  2. Make sure your Website is effective in utilizing your company’s value-added proposition and sales argument to your target market.
  3. Implement good Search Engine Optimization strategies.
  4. Implement Email Marketing for existing customers. Send out monthly newsletters and specials to your audience.
  5. Implement analytics into your Website.
  6. Publish industry-relevant articles and send out online Press Releases.
  7. Get active in Social Media.
  8. Blog and interact with your visitors.
  9. Monitor your company’s Online Reputation on an ongoing basis.
  10. Create a Yahoo, Bing, and Google Business listing.
  11. Create a Yelp business page.
  12. Take advantage of Google AdWords and AdWords Express for immediate online exposure (See below for an example).
  13. Create fresh and relevant content on your website and your blog.
  14. Run ongoing online promotions to your target customers.
  15. Don’t be afraid to try online Paid Advertising.

Create The Online Marketing Foundation

These online marketing strategies can help you lay the foundation for creating a solid online marketing foundation.  Online marketing is NOT a strategy that you can implement and walk away. It needs constant tweaking and updating. The more time you spend on online marketing – the more your business will get out of it (more online marketing time spent = more revenue). The more consistent you are with the marketing plan will yield greater results. If you have any questions about these online marketing strategies then please contact the Conversion Pipeline Online Marketing Team HERE.