Online Marketing Strategy

We are often asked, “what should my online marketing strategy consist of”? Our answer varies depending upon what each client’s goal is. For an online e-commerce company, the main goal is an online purchase. For a brick and mortar business, the goal will be to increase foot traffic. For a services-based company, the goal may be to increase qualified call volumes into their sales team as well as to increase the email inquiries. The first step is to outline who the target demographic is going to be, then decide which online marketing strategy should be deployed to meet that company’s objective.

Online Marketing Strategies That Work

There are a lot of online marketing strategies that a company can deploy to targeting their ideal customer. Some strategies work better than others, depending upon which vertical you are in. For instance, Pinterest works better for companies selling a tangible product. Service-based companies have a good success rate with online paid advertising (Google AdWords). While all companies benefit from having a strong online presence with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. I will outline some of the online marketing strategy options below.

Please consult with a professional Nashville marketing agency prior to attempting to deploy one of these strategies. With more and more businesses going online, competition in these strategies have increased and trying to implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy can cost more money than outsourcing and partnering with a professional online marketing agency.

Online Marketing Strategy Options

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  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Online Advertising (Google AdWords)
  4. Google Local / Google Places (Bing & Yahoo as well)
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Online Press Releases (Building Brand Recognition)

Online Marketing Strategy Caveat

Before deploying any of these strategies, a professional online marketing agency should first determine that your website will actually convert online visitors into leads or customers. Anyone can generate online web traffic by throwing money at online marketing. But, that does not mean that:

  1. Web traffic is going to be targeted or qualified.
  2. If selling geographically: the traffic may be coming from outside of your selling zone.
  3. The traffic is going to your website then turning around and leaving (the dreaded high bounce rate).
  4. Due to a lack of online conversions goals, the visitor is confused and leaves the website, never returning.
  5. Inconsistent messaging, or lack of messaging, causing confusion to the web visitor, again leaving never to return.
  6. Due to confusing navigation, the web visitor gets lost and gets frustrated.

Understanding how online visitors view and go through your website is just as important as launching the right online marketing strategy. Contact the online marketing strategy professionals at Conversion Pipeline to determine which online marketing strategies are best to deploy for your company. Click HERE!