Pinterest Marketing

I have been on Pinterest for several months now. I even wrote an article, Pinterest for your business,  about how you can use Pinterest to promote your product and/or brand. My company is an online marketing agency, not a brick-and-mortar business. We do not sell products, but rather we sell services.  As stated in my earlier article, a business selling a product will benefit over a business selling a service because a product is tangible while service is not. You can take an image of a product but you really cannot take an image of a service. Pinterest is a “visual” social media network that aims at the visual aspect of a person’s senses. There is not much to read on Pinterest but rather there is a lot to look at visually.

Pinterest Marketing For A Services Company

By now, every business should have a website. On the website, the business probably has images or designs with their product and/or service name and description on their website. By using the Pinterest Bookmarklet, you can pin any image that is on any website. Not only do you get that image uploaded into Pinterest but it will allow users who are interested in that image to click on it and be taken back to your website (drive traffic). Users can “like” and also “repin” that image on their own boards thus giving you additional exposure. You can effectively promote your service/brand and drive traffic to your website which is what marketers want at the end of the day.

Pinterest = Visual PR Engine

Businesses using Pinterest properly can leverage Pinterest’s visual appeal and have people engage with your posted images which would indirectly promote your brand and services. Think of Pinterest as an alternative visual PR engine. If you are a service-based business, you do not only want to self promote on Pinterest (it is actually discouraged), you can though insert a self-promotional pin occasionally. We want to cast a wide-reaching net when we look at social media networks. Pinterest is no exception. If you can promote our brand and services/products on Pinterest, it will only add to your company’s credibility, drive traffic to your website and eventually drive qualified leads. As an online Marketer, what more do you want? Happy Pinning!