Press Releases: The Power Of A Major Advertising Agency At A Fraction Of The Cost

Increasing your brand’s awareness doesn’t have to be hard…or expensive.  The Internet has given us endless ways to promote your brand effectively.  In the past, it would cost your company thousands of dollars to promote your company to its targeted audience.  Now you can spend a fraction of that cost and achieve the same results.

How Online Press Releases Works

Distributing your press releases online will create a viral marketing motion where other online publications, forums, and news outlets cover your press release and promote it on their website.  This is good because it gives your article exposure to your targeted audience as well as creates backlinks to your website.

Why Back-links Matter

press releasesOnce your optimized press release is distributed online, it will get picked up on various websites and search engines.  Every time another website republishes your press release, it creates backlinks (links back to your website). The more relevant links back to your website, the higher the search engine ranking. These back-links are one of the variables Google and other search engines use for establishing a website’s search engine ranking.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Once your press release has been published online, it will be syndicated across a wide network of news related websites. Readers who find your headline interesting will read your press release and click through to visit your website.  The more places your press release is published online, the more traffic your website it will generate.

A Credible Source

A press release indicates to your audience that you are a credible subject matter source.  The more credible information you show to your audience, the more trustworthy you become.  When your press releases start appearing in search engines for your keywords, the audience viewing your press release will see that you are a credible source of information, an entity to be trusted.

Conversion Pipeline will create your message and content for the press release as well as determine the target audience for distribution. We will distribute the press release online through our media partners and present reports outlining your success rate.  Let us show you what we can do in the online news realm.