Customer Spotlight – Reclaim Your Home After the Holiday: Organization Tips

Reclaim Your Home After the Holiday: Organization Tips

Christmas was great and fun and all, but now it’s time to reclaim your house from the hubbub of the holiday. You’re so ready to have your house back, ugh, it’s such a hassle.

To unstring the lights you just strung, to un-tack the stockings from the mantle, to climb up on the roof and send Santa and his reindeer back into storage, to pack every little thing away — it all turns into a disorganized mess that will only mean hours spent searching and untangling next year. And repeat.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Style Roofing is not only northern Virginia’s roof replacement expert, but we’ve also grown pretty adept at sorting and arranging holiday decorations, and we want to share our tips for an organized holiday with you:


The idea is to be able to easily find exactly what you want, so set categories that make sense to you. Santa and his reindeer, your wreaths, the blow-up snowman, and all your exterior lights: outdoor decorations. Strings of lights, tree stands, and skirts: indoor decorations. Create similar categories for ornaments, indoor decorative items, and gift wrapping supplies.

Note: If you’ve fallen out of love with this decoration or that one, toss it. After Christmas is the perfect time to weed out the decorations you no longer like or need.

Obtain appropriate containers.

Once you’ve sorted, purged, and categorized, find the best container for each set of items. Big plastic tubs work great for this purpose.

Label the containers.

Use masking tape to create labels, or even just your favorite marker to indicate on the outside which box contains what items. It might also be a good idea to create a master list of the contents to store inside; this will make it easy to find just what you’re looking for in a flash.

Next year, unpack only what you’ll use.

This year, you used the fancy traditional decorations; next year, you might decide to turn your home into the North Pole a la Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Leave packed whatever you don’t think you’ll use, and it’ll make storing everything away again a little simpler.

Oh, and…

One last thing from the northern VA roofers who know:

When removing rooftop decorations, please be careful – Style Roofing Inc.