Reviews on Facebook Can Make Your Business Page Shine

Facebook business marketingIn the past few months Facebook decided to roll out reviews for places pages. It was a subtle release that you and your business may be missing out on! We always are aiming to drive more traffic to our clients and increase brand recognition in their industry, what better way than to show off how great working with them is?

The new review buttons on Facebook Pages for Places sneaked up on us next to the Like box.

Let’s go through the review process step by step. First, click on the review button. You’ll be prompted to choose a 1 to 5 star rating and provide a brief review of your experience. It will also show you if any of your Facebook friends have liked the page and give you the opportunity to do so yourself if you haven’t already! Before you hit post, be sure to choose the audience that will see your review. You have the options just as any other Facebook post or status update: public, friends, friends of friends, etc.

After you post your review, you’ll see other Pages you’ve either checked into or Liked previously. The pop up will prompt you to review these pages.

Also, if you’ve chosen to post your review publiclly it will show up on the company’s Facebook page as I’ve shown below:

Reviewing pages not only increases your social engagement but really can help out the businesses and organizations you’ve worked with. It will give others an opportunity to learn more about their services and the quality to expect when engaging with these companies.

Any questions about leaving reviews on Facebook Pages for Places? Give us a call at Conversion Pipeline, 877-877-0542.