SEO Off Page

SEO Off-Page is constantly changing. It seems that each time Google has an algorithm change, “Off Page SEO” changes. The once “legitimate websites” to get back-links from are now on the “do not link from” list. Directories that were once relevant are no longer beneficial in your SEO off-page program. So what do you do?

Staying on top of all of Google’s algorithm changes is tough if you do not have a dedicated SEO practitioner staying on-top of all of the ongoing algorithm changes. It is time to get back to the fundamentals of SEO Off-Page. Go back to your organic search engine optimization roots in developing and/or optimizing your off-page strategy. Focus on the fundamentals and you will see an increase in relevant organic search traffic.

Basic SEO Off Page Strategies:

  1. Keywords: This is by far the most important aspect of SEO off page other than content. Choosing the right keywords is crucial in developing a good SEO Off-Page Strategy.
  2. Keyword Software: Are you tired of Google’s generic keyword tool? Yeah, us too. Market Samurai, WordTracker, SEMrush and others are becoming more important. These tools are essential for SEO Off Page. Without proper SEO tools, you cannot do your job effectively.
  3. Link Research: Researching why your competition is on the top spot of the SERP is a great way to see where they are getting back-links from. Conduct thorough back-link research and layout your strategy. Spend time on this step, it will pay off.
  4. Directories: they do not carry the weight they used to. Stay away from them and focus on good relevant websites and blogs to link your content.
  5. Sitemap: Automatically submitting your XML sitemap to the Search Engines for content updates.
  6. Content: Publish relevant content on your website and then promote it online.
  7. Social Media: You cannot establish a good SEO Off Page strategy without social media. You may not like Google Plus but it is here to stay. Take your fresh content and promote it online through your social media channels.
  8. Blogging: Yes, blogging still works. Commit several hours each week to promote your services online through relevant and value-added blogs. Not only will you get good link juice from them but also may receive a lead or two.
  9. Online Press Releases: One of the best ways to get authoritative back-links and promote your brand online is through online press releases. Stay away from the “Free Press Release” websites and stick to the paid subscription outlets with deep syndication. PRWeb, Marketwire, PRNewswire are all good starting places.
  10. Anchor Text: You cannot have a good SEO off page strategy without good anchor text on the links going back to your website.
  11. Clean Up Your Links: Run a scan to see who is linking to you on a periodic basis. if you have outsourced your SEO efforts previously and have witnessed a decrease in traffic, you could have gotten hit by Google’s recent algorithm changes. Look at Google’s Disavow Tool to remove the bad websites that are linking to you.
  12. Good On-Page: You cannot have a good SEO Off Page strategy without a good On-Page strategy. If your On-Page foundation is not rock-solid, you will not succeed.

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