What Are The Best Social Media Management Tools?

Having the right tool for the job is crucial…

…when you’re concerned with results. It’s common for business owners to attempt to get started in social media, only to get frustrated with the complicated interface, lack of functionality, and the fact that social media is not designed with corporate users in mind.

But no power user ever visits the actual Twitter site. They don’t log into Facebook religiously at high traffic times to post content. Power users use power tools.

What Makes a Powerful Social Media Management Tool?

There are thousands of social media tools out there, most of them fairly niche. But a really powerful tool has to do just a few things, and it has to do them well.

  • It must support Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Increasingly, it’s become important to include Google+.
  • It must allow advance scheduling. Time is money, after all
  • It shouldn’t be too expensive; all the best tools are very competitively priced, so there’s no reason to spend more, and you can no doubt find a better place to spend that marketing budget — the most notable one would be to have us do it for you!

Two Mainstream Social Media Management Services

Hootsuite is probably the most well-known service out there, especially because of its freemium business model. It’s a great place to get started, and you might never outgrow it. Hootsuite’s reports are an especially nifty feature, helping you monitor and measure your engagement. Additionally, Hootsuite is one of the few companies that’s being allowed to develop for Google Plus. With the recent developments in Google Search, that might be important soon. As of September 6, Hootsuite acquired Seesmic, which was a sort of ‘lite’ version of Hootsuite. We would have recommended it, but according to TechCrunch, they’ll be shutting it down.

The other contender is SproutSocial. This is more of an enterprise level product, and it’s worth the money for the clean, simple user interface and the “Smart Inbox” feature. With Smart Inbox, every post, tweet, comment, etc lands in one inbox to be read and addressed. It also has CRM functionality, discovery, and analytics.

What do you use as a social media management tool? And if you use nothing, and don’t want to, why don’t you give us a call to discuss handling your social media strategy. Email info@conversionpipeline.com or call 877-877-0542