Social Media Marketing

What Does Social Media Marketing Do?

Marketing through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and more, represents a substantial departure from the last century’s emphasis on broad demographics and mass marketing. But today’s consumers are more wary than ever of being ‘sold to’ and that’s where social media marketing is most effective.

When consumers get a chance to interact with your brand on social media, that builds awareness and trust. When they see their friends ‘like’ your pages and videos, that creates social proof that your company is worth buying from. And finally, social media sites are becoming the place for advice and recommendations. According to an Australian study released in March, 95% of social media users have asked their network for advice.

How Important is Social Media Marketing to My Overall Strategy?

In SEOMoz’s 2012 SEO predictions, he said “SEO without social media will be a relic of the past.” Why? Because Google is adjusting its algorithms to favor social media content — because users trust their networks as much, if not more than traditional search.

Even if that weren’t the case, the average user spends 8 hours a month on Facebook, according to Nielsen, compared to 2 hours a month on Google. Are they on there talking about your company? Consumers are beginning to assume that companies are monitoring social media, and tweeted complaints that aren’t handled immediately begin staining your online reputation immediately.

In many ways, social media marketing is less difficult than ranking with Google. But in others, it’s much more difficult because you must be vigilant about each and every customer interaction.

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