Swipe Right on Facebook Display Network Ads

When you create a website traffic Facebook ad (and several other types of ads including brand app installs, conversions and product catalog sales), it automatically defaults to selecting “all placements” to display your ad. This means Facebook both desktop and mobile, Instagram (you don’t even need an Instagram account!) and the audience network.

Today, we are going to talk about the audience network. According to Facebook the audience network is “a collection of mobile apps where Facebook advertisers can serve ads using the same targeting and measurement tools that they use on Facebook.”

Tinder Ads and Facebook Audience Network

Unless you specifically deselect the audience network placement, your Facebook ads will serve in mobile apps to users that match your target demographics, and that of course includes one of the most popular mobile apps that links up with Facebook – Tinder.

So if your targeting includes millenials, or even if you are running a retargeting campaign – it is pretty likely that your ads are floating around the tinder-verse unless you have selected to forgo the audience network. So, if Tinder doesn’t exactly line up with where you want your brand represented, be sure to ask your marketing company if they are running your ads on the Facebook audience network.

The audience network is good for advertisers looking to expand the amount of impressions for their Facebook campaigns. On average, advertisers using the Audience Network scale their ad impressions by an additional 6 – 10% per campaign. But, if you don’t want your ads showing up in apps you can’t control – like Tinder – it might be worth it to save your impressions and budget and stick to just Facebook and Instagram.

Here is and example of some current Tinder ads:

Tinder Ads From Facebook Facebook tinder ads Facebook Ads that Show Up on Tinder