Are You Ready For Google’s Caffeine?

Friends and Valued Clients,

When we first discussed the benefits of hiring Conversion Pipeline to promote your brand online and increase your rankings in search engines we told you how complex this practice is, especially with Google.  As you can see from the article below Google has stayed true to their motto, “change is good”, and has yet again changed their algorithm(s) and the way they prioritize and rank companies in their search engine.  The Conversion Pipeline team is well aware of these changes and has been adjusting your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Having a traditional on-page and off-page SEO strategy is still very important and the main component of how search engine’s display search results.  However, not only has Social Media changed the way we communicate, it’s now changed the search engine landscape as well.  Michael and I have been preaching the benefits of Social Media for many years now, and as you can see it’s playing a new and LARGE role in Google’s search engine algorithms and ranking methodologies. Following Google’s change Yahoo!, BING and other search engines are adjusting their approaches as well. The benefits of having a sound Social Media strategy are more important than ever.
Another interesting note; Facebook is quickly becoming a leader in search. We are seeing an increase of web traffic from people using the search box on their personal pages. Not only are our clients getting leads from social media, there are many improvements within social media reporting allowing us to better outline ROI metrics.
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Sam and Michael

Now For The Article:
Caffeine: How Google’s New Approach to Indexing the Web Changes Everything

For the last several years, the ultimate question on every marketer’s mind was simple and highly focused: how do I get to number one? And by “number one,” I don’t mean, “how do I get to dominate my category and sell more of my stuff than any of my competitors.” Number one was very clearly, number one – the top spot on a Google search for a valuable keyword. It was, of course, with good reason that marketers sought this spot. The difference between number one and number two could be hundreds of dollars a day. The quest to divine the secret of the algorithm – that complicated math problem that determined who got number one and who got number (and beyond) – was taken as seriously as any marketing challenge could be. We worked diligently to figure out if headings mattered more than image text, if inbound links were from the right places, and what, what, what should go into a meta tag.

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