Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses

It is no secret that everyone is spending time on Facebook, especially your customers. Businesses can successfully target their customers on Facebook by following these 10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses.

1. Create a corporate profile page for your business so you can establish your online Facebook identity.

2. Add new friends every day.

3. Post quality posts (refrain from profanity).

4. Don’t brag. Every 4th post should be about your business, not every post.

5. Bring out your personality. Don’t be boring, be unique in your posts.

6. Integrate other applications into your Facebook page (Twitter, Blog RSS feeds, etc.)

7. Reward followers by offering contests and specials. Keep them engaged.

8. Participate outside of your corporate Facebook page.

9. Add photos and videos of employees, customers, events, etc.

10. Have fun. Facebook is about sharing. Post as often as you can and have fun with it.

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