Top Marketing Companies Local Search Results

Local SEO Results

In our ongoing research for our clients and for ourselves, we closely monitor the search rankings of target keywords. This morning, I performed a Google search for “Top Marketing Companies” that covers the Washington DC Metro area. I found some unexpected & interesting search results. These results are “localized” meaning that your search results will vary depending upon where you are within the world. Google will serve “Local” ads to the searcher.

“Top Marketing Companies” Search Findings:

1. Marketing 101: Pay Attention to your Google AdWords Express Ad. A great way to turn off an interested party is to create an Advertisement with misspelled words. OUCH!!!!

2. Google is serving AdWords Express ads before Google AdWords which means they are placing higher importance on local businesses who have AdWords Express than regular Adwords.

3. The two out of the top three paid advertisers are nowhere to be found within Google Organic search results. As they say “Eat Your Own Dog Food”, if you are a “Top Marketing Company” you should be showing up organically for those keywords (Kudos to the Conversion Pipeline SEO team)

4. The company that has more visibility within a keyword search term will get more clicks (paid and organic).

5. A company needs to focus on Local SEO for paid advertisement (AdWords Express and AdWords) as well as target organic SEO