Ugh, It’s Monday. Here’s your Monday Marketing Knee-Slapper to start the day off right.

Yes, yes, it’s Monday again.

Your favorite northern Virginia digital marketers are hard at work, plotting and planning big things for the week ahead — we’re talking landing pages, and pay-per-click campaigns; website development, and backlink-building.

…and bad, bad, baaad marketing jokes.

If there’s one way we know how to lighten up the dreary Monday grind, it’s with a joke. Even better, a hilariously cheesy digital marketing joke (or five). Go on. Giggle a little; groan a little, but please, don’t throw tomatoes at us.

Why did the digital marketer get off the trampoline?

He was worried about his bounce rate.

Why did the marketing couple decide not to get married?

Because they weren’t on the same landing page.

Didn’t you know? Laughter is the best way to forget it’s Monday. Come on, and play along. Share your silliest digital marketing, branding, and social media jokes with us in the comments.

We’ll be posting knee-slappers like these each week, because life’s too short to be serious all the time!