We did it! A Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Bundle!!!

Ashburn VA Search Engine OptimizationCombines the visibility of search engine optimization (SEO) with the real-time client interaction of social media marketing that today’s businesses require.

This online marketing bundle emerges from the explosive growth of social media and its impact on local organic search engine results. For search, Google has stated that they look for three distinguishing factors when deciding how to return search results:

  1. Relevance
  2. Prominence
  3. Distance

Of the three factors, prominence is the most difficult to calculate, except when factoring in a business’s social media interaction.

Michael Delpierre, CEO of Conversion Pipeline, stated, “Businesses that are actively engaging with prospects and clients in social media networks can affect the overall prominence factor of a local business thus increasing search engine results.”  Mr. Delpierre goes on to say “one of the benefits of combining both search engine and social media marketing together is to provide search engines with fresh and relevant content. Adding the social interaction aspect will increase the end user experience thus increasing a local business’s search engine ranking.”

Google has been indexing social media websites in search results; thus making it a more obvious choice for a bundled solution. With the web moving toward greater transparency, social media will continue to play a major role in search engine rankings in the future.  Conversion Pipeline’s clients that opt for the bundled package will experience greater results overall.

About Conversion Pipeline

Conversion Pipeline is the Nation’s leading online marketing firm focused on lead generation strategies for their clients. Conversion Pipeline offers a variety of custom-tailored online marketing, search engine optimization, branding, social media, and revenue generating strategies aimed at elevating brand awareness while increasing the revenue pipeline. For more information please visit https://www.conversionpipeline.com or contact the Pipeline creative team at [email protected].