What Is Online Reputation Management?

So often, the worst problems are the ones you never even thought of — What would you do if someone started a hate site for your company? Would you even know if one of your employees was trashing the company on an online forum? We’ve talked about the “Google problem” before, but let’s go a little more in-depth.

Why Do You Need An Online Reputation?

Knowledge is power, and if you don’t control what comes up in searches about you, someone else will. And Search is far more sophisticated than the days when users google-bombed the term “miserable failure” so that the top result was George W. Bush’s official White House page. Now there’s personalized search, location-dependent search, enhanced search results, and rich-text snippets.

A search result can turn up tweets, Facebook pages, and forum threads, and because of the complexities of Google’s latest updates, those links might even rank higher than your own company website. It’s easier than ever for someone to rank quickly with a negative comment, video, or blog post. Your best defense is a good offense.

Who’s Searching You?

The Internet is the leading source of information these days, and most of it begins and ends in the search bar. Who’s looking for information on you or your company?

  • Consumers
  • Potential Clients
  • Potential Partners
  • Journalists
  • Shareholders
  • Personal Contacts
  • Potential Employees

How to Defend Your Online Reputation

We automate our monitoring of your online reputation so that day or night, you’ll know immediately if there’s a situation you need to jump on. In addition, we create reports of any and all comments, to be delivered to you monthly.

We also take a proactive approach with you, creating a dynamic marketing campaign to combat any damaging reports.

The bottom line is, what you don’t know CAN HURT you. You can’t afford to ignore online reputation management. Take action: contact us today at sales@conversionpipeline.com or 877-877-0542.