What Is Search Engine Optimization? A Buzzword-Free Explanation

Although Search Engine Optimization has been practiced for almost two decades, what exactly SEO is and how it works is still an arcane art, not only for the layperson but even for internet marketers. Search engine optimization is a specialty field that has become crucial in the Internet age.

A Brief History Of SEO

Understanding what search engine optimization is becomes easier when you know where it comes from. SEO is an offshoot of Internet Marketing, which itself is an outgrowth of traditional marketing.

Internet Marketing is a very young field compared to traditional marketing. The Internet has transformed traditional marketing in a number of significant ways because mass media marketing does not reach as many people anymore, and those it does reach are influenced less than they were in the past because of the sheer volume of marketing messages out there.

Why SEO Is So Important in the Digital Age

Internet marketing has to be much more sophisticated about advertising these days. They use targeted Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and text and banner advertisements to attract qualified prospects. Then they use social media to interact with them to transform a mere customer into a brand evangelist.

But there’s one place where even the savviest company can unwittingly leave money on the table: Search Engine Optimization. Marketers are good at wooing people and turning them into customers. They invest in advertising for this reason. But what if you didn’t have to woo? What if a qualified customer was looking for you RIGHT NOW?

That’s what Search Engine Optimization does for your company: it makes YOU the company that customers are searching for when they type a question into Google.

No wooing. Just give them what they want.

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