White Label Link Building

Link building is an important part of any SEO strategy, as the number and quality of links leading back to your website will boost search engine rankings. However, link building can be very nuanced and is best handled by an SEO expert. Effective and efficient link building services can be very accessible through white label link building.

What Is White Label Link Building?

A white label link building partner is a marketing professional who is also a highly experienced and skilled SEO link builder. They will use their pool of resources and website networks to carry out the link building service on your agency’s behalf, usually with low cost and fast turnaround times. 

Let’s talk about some benefits of using white label link building.

Expert Knowledge and Quality Service 

Both SEO and link building campaigns require a lot of specialized knowledge and research in order to be effective. In fact, if done incorrectly, link building efforts can actually damage your organic search engine rankings. One example is the use of paid backlinks which is common by less than reputable SEO firms. Google’s stance on this topic is very clear: Buying or selling links is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and could result in a penalty for that website if caught.

Another common mistake that agencies don’t consider when acquiring backlinks is the use of anchor text. Anchor text indicates to Google what that specific page is about. Not using anchor text or using generic anchor text (“click here”) is considered a poor SEO practice. Anchor text should be used with good search descriptive keywords to associate that page with a specific search term that the company wants to rank for.

Bringing on an in-house link building expert can be very costly, especially for start-up digital marketing agencies or for experienced agencies who don’t focus solely on SEO services. Utilizing a white label link builder is a great way to ensure your clients are getting high-quality service without the overhead expense of an in-house expert.

Access to Useful Resources

Your White Label SEO link building partner will grant you access to high-quality backlinks through manual outreach to a network of niche-relevant blogs and websites. This involves contacting each individual blogger or website with a personal message to form a relationship and pitch quality guest posts and content. Automated outreach done on a mass scale may be more time efficient, but the organic links obtained through manual outreach are far more valuable to search engine rankings, as they often come from more reputable websites.  

Valuable Competitor Analysis 

Another benefit of using a white label link building provider is their ability to provide competitor analysis. An experienced link builder can research the top-ranking websites for a client’s relevant keywords. Once the competitors are identified, backlink checking tools can analyze the competitor websites and determine where backlinks are coming from. Your white label link building parner can then reach out to the relevant sites to request backlinks to your client’s site.

Performance Reporting 

While label link building services can provide detailed reports of your client’s campaign’s performance against competitor metrics and industry standards. The reports are unbranded, allowing your agency to present to them your client with your own branding. Frequent and detailed progress reports can be extremely beneficial in proving the on-going value of SEO and link building to your clients. Reports from successful campaigns can also serve as case studies which can be used to win new clients.

High-quality backlinks have always been one of the most weighted factors search engines consider when determining organic search rankings. Link building can be a long process, but the benefits to a client’s website are invaluable. Having link building carried out by qualified experts is the best option for increasing traffic and increasing the ROI on our SEO campaigns. 

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Michael Delpierre