How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

This blog post is centered around how to generate web traffic by blogging (or posting fresh & relevant content) on your website. About one month ago, we posted a blog post about “10 Online Marketing Facts“. The post was aimed toward the business owner who wants to know what will work (and what won’t work) in Online Marketing. The article was short and sweet but on topic and relevant to what our company does. Relevancy is everything when it comes to search engines.

Organic Search Results

After several weeks went by, we performed an online search for “online marketing fact” and there was our blog post on the first page of Google and within the top 5 search results. One month later, that same blog post is still on the first page of the Google results. On the first page of Google and competing with paid advertisements for that same broad keyword phrase. While other company’s ads are getting clicked on and they are getting charged for those clicks by Google, I am enjoying FREE clicks to my website by properly optimizing my blog post (web page) for the first page of Google.

If you have any questions regarding how to optimize your website for organic search results then please contact a member of the Conversion Pipeline Online Marketing team HERE