Marketing for Nonprofits

Marketing For Nonprofits Is Different Than For-Profits

Marketing for a nonprofit organization can be similar to marketing for a corporate for-profit business. Both types of organizations need to market to their consumers or targeted demographic. Marketing for a nonprofit takes it a step further and introduces the additional need to also market to the potential donor. The donor provides the financial backing for the nonprofit to conduct its work. Without the donor (or their monetary funds), the nonprofit would cease to exist.

Marketing Is A Fundraiser’s Lifeline.

While a for-profit organization sells its products and services to its targeted consumer, the nonprofit organization heavily relies upon fundraising to target crucial donor dollars. Fundraising is the lifeline of any nonprofit organization. With the proper marketing support, it will make fundraising easier as well as satisfy both the consumer and the donor’s needs.

Successful Marketing Strategies For Nonprofits

1.    Define your demographic. Who is your target market?
2.    Create marketing materials that describe the benefits, services, donation options, and core values of your organization.
3.    Create a marketing communications strategy in-line with your organization’s fundraising goal.
4.    Establish your online presence.
5.    Create an online strategy that will enable potential donors and existing ones the ability to retrieve information easily about your organization.
6.    Set up a social media game plan. Communicate to your target market on a consistent basis through many different mediums.
7.    Use email marketing to stay in contact with your donors and prospects.
8.    Network within your community.
9.    Become your organization’s top evangelist!

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