White Label Your SEO and PPC Work.

You Get Paid, We Do The Work.

Your agency can deliver high value SEO and PPC services without any in house expertise.  Conversion Pipeline White Label Services will help you increase revenue and increase your client satisfaction.

Private Label SEO and PPC: An Easy Math Problem for Small Marketing Agencies

How do you hire an SEO Company? How do you charge for your services?  Are your prices competitive?  What are your profit margins?  Is your Revenue consistent month to month?

As a marketing or creative agency, these are all questions that you should be thinking about. Often times, solid margins and consistent billing are difficult for agencies, especially if you don’t have rock-solid project management tracking. 

For example, if you charge $600 for a postcard mailer design, but spend 2 weeks going back and forth on revisions, did you really make any money on it?  Or, if a website design project is completed by billing hours, but your team members aren’t diligent about tracking and submitting hours, how do you know what your margins really are?  How well can you predict your monthly revenue?

The challenge for marketing agencies is that beyond design retainers, there are limited opportunities for recurring revenue.

Digital marketing services solve this problem.

According to Entrepreneur.com, SEO services typically range from $500 to $2,000 per month.  Think for a moment about how your revenue and profitability numbers would change if you had 50 clients paying you $500 per month, which is nearly all profit? 

Look at this math problem:  ABC Agency Sells Widget Co, LLC an SEO package for $1,500 per month.  ABC Purchases an SEO White Label package from Conversion Pipeline for $950.00.

All of the production work is done by Conversion Pipeline. All ABC Agency needs to do is deliver normal account management to the client, which is probably happening anyway. 

At the end of each month, Conversion Pipeline prepares the digital reporting and delivers it ready to go.

And the billing is every month. 

That’s $550 in profit each month, for delivering a high value service, and no production work required.

How It Works – You have a new prospect, now what?

The best way for an agency to launch digital marketing services is to sell into their existing client base.  You have a set of customers who already trust you to deliver awesome creative work, so signing them up for monthly SEO services is not a difficult task, as long as you have the expertise to pitch and deliver the service.  This is where Conversion Pipeline helps. 

When you have a new prospect, just submit their information through the Partner SEO Evaluation Tool and you’ll be sent a report detailing all aspects of the client website and what needs to be fixed for SEO. 

With your SEO Evaluation Report in hand, you can easily pitch the client the services needed to optimize the website.

Pre-Sales Support

Conversion Pipeline also offers pre-sales support.  One of our expert SEO technicians can get on a phone or Zoom call with you as part of your team.  With expertise on hand, the deal is easy to close.

Signing a New Client

One of the benefits of a White Label solution for SEO is customer ownership.  If you refer your clients to a digital agency for SEO and PPC services, that means you lose control of the client relationship.  Before you know it, the digital agency who handles the SEO is also building the new website, and you lose.

Maintaining client ownership is a key benefit.  It allows you to deliver an expanded service menu, without the need for internal production or headcount.

  1. Sign the White Label Statement of Work – this outlines the services to be delivered and wholesale costs associated.
  2. Complete the On-boarding Questionnaire – This online submission provides Conversion Pipeline all the documentation necessary to deliver the chosen service. This includes everything from website login credentials to listing competitors.
  3. Start Billing Clients – Once the On-boarding documentation is submitted, your services begin.  Startup typically takes 30 days, which is completed concurrently with monthly SEO activities.  For PPC, the Startup is much quicker, usually requiring only 5-7 business days.

Launching Campaigns

Once a new client is signed and ready to go, Conversion Pipeline gets right to work launching the campaigns.

For SEO, services are launched immediately.  In the first month of service, two things happen.  First, we put the client site through our proprietary SEO Startup Checklist.  This list includes 65 items from analytics setup to Google My Business verification and everything in between.  Second, we start our backlinking campaign, which is ongoing every month.  Read more about our White Labeled SEO Services.

For PPC, the campaigns are created during the startup, which usually takes 5-7 business days, and then the campaigns are managed and optimized over time.  Because Conversion Pipeline is a Google Premier Partner, we have weekly calls directly with our Google Agency Representative. Here we get first-hand, red carpet services directly from Google.  Read more about our White Labeled PPC Services.

Reporting and Support

Getting the production work done is one thing but explaining to a client exactly wat work has been done and how progress is going is another thing altogether. 

You need an SEO and PPC partner who will compile and deliver monthly reporting that is easy to understand and takes the burden off of you. 

This video shows an overview of our monthly reporting: